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Rectangular Single Layer Gray Board Paper Drawer Boxes Customizable Quantity Arton Packing

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Rectangular Single Layer Gray Board Paper Drawer Boxes Customizable Quantity Arton Packing

Rectangular Single Layer Gray Board Paper Drawer Boxes Customizable Quantity Arton Packing
Rectangular Single Layer Gray Board Paper Drawer Boxes Customizable Quantity Arton Packing Rectangular Single Layer Gray Board Paper Drawer Boxes Customizable Quantity Arton Packing Rectangular Single Layer Gray Board Paper Drawer Boxes Customizable Quantity Arton Packing Rectangular Single Layer Gray Board Paper Drawer Boxes Customizable Quantity Arton Packing

Large Image :  Rectangular Single Layer Gray Board Paper Drawer Boxes Customizable Quantity Arton Packing

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Customized
Certification: ISO9001
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 2000
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Pallets and carton
Delivery Time: 20-50days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000pcs per day

Rectangular Single Layer Gray Board Paper Drawer Boxes Customizable Quantity Arton Packing

Color: Customizable Shape: Rectangular
Quantity: Customizable Custom Order: Accept
Sample Time: 3-7days After Your Artwork Confirmed Material Structure: Single Layer Gray Board
Application: Packaging Packing: Arton
High Light:

Customizable Paper Drawer Boxes


Arton Packing Paper Drawer Boxes


Rectangular Paper Drawer Boxes

Product Description:

Delve into the world of bespoke packaging with our Paper Drawer Boxes, an exquisite choice for those seeking a sophisticated and responsible way to present their consumer goods and gifts. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, our drawer boxes are not only practical but also elegant, serving as an extension of the thoughtfulness you put into selecting the perfect gift or product. Sample your personalized design with us and receive a prototype within 3-7 days after your artwork is confirmed, ensuring that every detail meets your specifications before full-scale production begins.

Made with the environment in mind, our Paper Drawer Boxes are an Eco-Friendly solution to the often wasteful packaging dilemma. We understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and contribute to this global effort by producing boxes that are both recyclable and biodegradable. This approach allows you to convey an image of environmental responsibility to your clients, aligning your brand with the values of sustainability and care for the planet.

Customization is at the heart of our Paper Drawer Boxes. With Customized Printing Available, you can tailor every aspect of your box to fit your brand's aesthetic and message. Whether you are looking to print intricate patterns, vivid colors, or your company's logo, our high-quality printing services ensure that the final product is as unique as the items it holds. This level of personalization makes our boxes perfect for a range of uses, from retail packaging to special events. Especially for the festive season, our Christmas Cardboard Gift Boxes add the perfect touch of cheer and sophistication to your offerings.

The durability and structure of our Paper Drawer Boxes come from the Arton packing material, which provides a sturdy base and smooth sliding mechanism for the drawer component. This superior material choice not only enhances the user experience but also ensures that the contents remain secure and undamaged. The Arton packing also contributes to the overall aesthetic, giving the boxes a premium feel that resonates with quality and craftsmanship.

Our Paper Drawer Boxes are versatile in use, ideal for a wide range of consumer goods and gifts. They are particularly suited for festive occasions, such as Christmas, when giving presents is a central part of the celebration. The Christmas Cardboard Gift Boxes we offer are designed with the holiday spirit in mind, featuring customary yuletide motifs and colors that can be customized to reflect the joy and warmth of the season. Your gifts, encased in these festive boxes, are sure to stand out under the Christmas tree, bringing smiles and adding to the magical ambiance of the holiday.

Choosing our Paper Drawer Boxes means opting for a packaging solution that is both functional and fashionable. It reflects a conscious decision to elevate the unboxing experience while remaining committed to environmental stewardship. The Christmas Cardboard Gift Boxes, in particular, provide a seasonal flair that captures the essence of holiday gifting. With our customizable options, eco-friendly materials, and premium packing, these boxes are more than just a container; they are a statement of quality, sustainability, and festive cheer.



  • Product Name: Paper Drawer Boxes
  • Logo: Customer's Logo
  • Printing: Customized Printing Available
  • Keyword: Packing Box Paper Gift
  • Packing: Arton
  • Use: Consumer Goods & Gift
  • Keyword: Christmas Cardboard Gift Boxes
  • Keyword: Christmas Cardboard Gift Boxes
  • Keyword: Christmas Cardboard Gift Boxes

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Detail
Printing Customized Printing Available
Logo Customer's Logo
Use Consumer Goods & Gift
Material Structure Single Layer Gray Board
Design Simple
Packing Arton
Custom Order Accept
Color Customizable
Keyword Packing Box Paper Gift
Shape Rectangular


The Customized brand paper drawer boxes, originating from China, are a packaging revelation tailored to a variety of applications and scenarios. These rectangular shaped boxes are not just a packing solution but also an expression of elegance and personal touch, with the availability of customized printing and the option to emboss the customer's logo on each box. The keyword that resonates with this product is "Packing Box Paper Gift," which succinctly captures its essence and potential uses.

One of the prime occasions where these paper drawer boxes shine is during the festive season. Specifically designed as Christmas Cardboard Gift Boxes, they add a layer of joy and surprise to holiday gifting. The boxes can be adorned with festive designs, seasonal greetings, and can be customized to fit various Christmas gifts, from small trinkets to larger items. The robustness of the cardboard ensures that gifts are protected while the aesthetic appeal of the boxes enhances the overall presentation of the gift.

Moreover, the versatility of these Christmas Cardboard Gift Boxes makes them suitable for both personal and corporate gifting. Corporations can utilize these boxes to package end-of-year bonuses, employee gifts, or as elegant containers for branded merchandise. The customized printing option allows for the inclusion of company logos, slogans, or holiday messages, providing a personal touch and reinforcing brand identity.

In retail scenarios, the Customized brand paper drawer boxes serve as an excellent packaging option for items such as jewelry, watches, perfumes, and luxury confectionery. Retailers can leverage the premium feel of the boxes to elevate the customer experience, making the unboxing process a memorable part of the purchase. The boxes can be designed to reflect seasonal themes, promotional events, or can simply bear the retailer's branding for year-round use.

For special events such as weddings, anniversaries, or Valentine's Day, these boxes can be transformed into heartfelt vessels for gifts, conveying love and appreciation. The option for customized printing allows for the inclusion of special dates, names, or messages, making each box a personalized keepsake. The Christmas Cardboard Gift Boxes thus become more than just packaging; they become a part of the celebration itself.

In conclusion, the Customized brand's paper drawer boxes from China are a multifaceted packaging solution that can be adapted to a wide array of occasions and scenarios. With their customizable nature, they cater to the needs of various industries and personal gifting, ensuring that every gift, regardless of the occasion, is presented with style and thoughtfulness.



Brand Name: Customized

Place of Origin: China

Printing: Customized Printing Available

Logo: Customer's Logo

Sample Time: 3-7days After Your Artwork Confirmed

Quantity: Customizable

Packing: Arton

Our Paper Drawer Boxes are perfect for packaging and presenting gifts this holiday season. With our Christmas Cardboard Gift Boxes , you can impress your loved ones with beautifully customized and branded packaging solutions. Whether for corporate gifting or personal presents, our Christmas Cardboard Gift Boxes offer an elegant way to show your appreciation and festive spirit. Each box can be tailored to meet your needs, ensuring that your Christmas Cardboard Gift Boxes stand out under any Christmas tree!


Support and Services:

Our Paper Drawer Boxes are designed with both functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind. Each box is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and a professional appearance suitable for a variety of uses. Our product technical support and services are committed to providing you with the best experience possible.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding your Paper Drawer Box, our team is here to help. We provide comprehensive support aimed at resolving any product-related inquiries you may have. Whether you need guidance on assembly, advice on the best use practices, or have questions about material specifications, we are ready to assist you.

Our support services include troubleshooting assistance, maintenance tips, and guidance on customization options available for your Paper Drawer Boxes. We strive to ensure that our customers can maximize the functionality and lifespan of their product. Our technical support team is knowledgeable and experienced, ready to provide you with the solutions you need for a seamless experience with your Paper Drawer Box.

Please note that our Product Technical Support and Services do not include physical repair services, but we are more than happy to provide instructions and advice on how to address any issues you may face. For any service or support requests, make sure to refer to our product documentation and FAQs for immediate assistance.


Packing and Shipping:

The Paper Drawer Boxes are meticulously packaged to ensure their protection during transit. Each box is individually wrapped in a protective sleeve to prevent scratches and damage. The boxes are then placed into a sturdy cardboard carton, separated by dividers to prevent movement and collision. For larger orders, cartons are securely placed on a pallet, shrink-wrapped, and strapped to maintain stability and integrity. Our shipping partners are selected for their reliability and care in handling delicate items, ensuring your product arrives in pristine condition.



Q1: What materials are used in the construction of the Customized Paper Drawer Boxes?

A1: The Customized Paper Drawer Boxes are typically made from high-quality cardstock or cardboard, which can vary in thickness and durability to meet different packaging needs. The materials are chosen for their sturdiness, sustainability, and their ability to protect the contents.

Q2: Can I order Customized Paper Drawer Boxes in any size?

A2: Yes, you can order Customized Paper Drawer Boxes in various sizes. Since the brand offers customization, you can specify the dimensions that fit your product requirements, and the boxes will be tailored to your specifications.

Q3: Are Customized Paper Drawer Boxes eco-friendly?

A3: The brand is committed to sustainability, and the Customized Paper Drawer Boxes are designed to be eco-friendly. They are typically made from recyclable materials and can be reused or recycled after use, depending on the specific materials chosen for your boxes.

Q4: Can the Customized Paper Drawer Boxes be printed with logos or designs?

A4: Absolutely! Customized Paper Drawer Boxes can be printed with your brand's logo, designs, and any other visual elements you require. The brand offers various printing techniques to ensure high-quality, vibrant, and long-lasting prints.

Q5: How are the Customized Paper Drawer Boxes shipped if the place of origin is China?

A5: The Customized Paper Drawer Boxes are carefully packaged to prevent damage during transit and shipped according to your chosen delivery method. International shipping options are available, and the brand will work with you to find the most efficient and cost-effective shipping solution for your order.

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